DISC Personality Test & Assessments

The DISC BASIC Profile is only basic in its ease of use and understanding. BASIC stands for “Behavioral Assessment System Insights Collection”.
Whether you are looking for a personality behavioral assessment for the general workplace, management, leadership, coaching, customer service or sales the profile you choose should provide three fundamental benefits:

1) A better understanding of the person taking the profile and their natural behavioral tendencies and preferences.
2) A better awareness of others, e.g. employees, clients/customers, team members, friends, and family. How you relate to them and how they prefer to be treated and related to.
3) Clear respectful strategies for adapting your behavior, communication, leadership, management, interpersonal, and/or selling styles to better connect with others.

BASIC Core Assessments

Each of our BASIC Core Assessments measure a different— but equally important— characteristic of human behavior or cognition. Essentially, each focuses on a different “core” aspects of the human personality. There are no right or wrong answers, only different “styles” that define an individual’s characteristics in each of these five categories.

The BASIC Core Assessments are:

These online personality assessments can be taken individually or in combination, depending on your needs. We offer various enterprise and custom packages and pricing options based on volume. You can even have your own online administration account with your private label and logo. You can be in control of your account 24x7x365. We provide free support.




DISC Wheel

DISC BASIC Profile for Self

Includes an intro to the DISC BASIC Profile Online Report; Understanding; General Characteristics; Your Strengths; What …

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 Personality Core Collection

Online assessments for behavioral styles, motivators, values, emotion intelligence and learning styles.

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